Linda Clarke

As Interviewed by Isabella Trejo, March 8, 2019
"I was doing more, as far as pressure goes. I was outperforming them, but they would get more money because they were male"
Linda Clarke

Introductory Profile: About Linda Clarke

Today I spoke with my grandma Linda Francis Clarke. I am met her at the seat in the main hospital a few minutes after I came out of my mother’s womb. our first encounter I don’t quite remember, but I have come to love her ever since. Linda is a fierce, compassionate woman, and a joy to be around. I actually didn’t realize the challenges she had to face, with the confidence she holds on her shoulders.

Linda was raised in the deep south of Louisiana, also where the discrimination occurred. She spoke to me about sexism in the workplace and the struggles of being a single mother in the sixties.

Even though I’ve known my grandma for so many years, the interview felt like we were just breaking the ice. She never opened up to me about her past. However we settled in and talked for a while. I’m so glad she opened up to me.