Maria Esperanza Bonilla

As Interviewed by Eavan Bonilla, April 8, 2019
"Those were some of the scariest and most beautiful memories... "
Maria Esperanza Bonilla

Introductory Profile: About Maria Esperanza Bonilla

This is Maria Esperanza Bonilla, my abuela. She was born on October 2, 1950 in Honduras and immigrated to the United States when she was only 14 years old. When she was a child she lived with her single mother, two loving grandparents and her many cousins and siblings. Her aunt and uncle lived in the United States during that time and had a house in New Orleans. As a kid she was described as fun-loving, playful, intelligent, creative, and resourceful little girl. She loved playing with her older brother and cousins in the school yard.

During the time she lived in Honduras a government Coup was going on, causing the country to go bankrupt and experience extreme violence. When she was no older than a teenager she was told that she was going to move to the united States, live with her aunt and uncle, and go to an all catholic girls high school called Arch Bishop Blenk.

This interview contains a detailed story of extreme gun violence and should not be viewed by people who are easily scared or afraid of blood. We will discuss racial abuse and mostly what it was like growing up in Honduras during a government Coup. Remeber this is still a light hearted interview between a girl and her abuela and the stories that Maria Esperanza Bonilla experienced during her childhood.