Brandon Kaung

As interviewed by Allan Kaung, March 30, 2019
"At the Inya Lake, there was a bridge called the White bridge. It was later named as the Red Bridge."
Brandon Kaung

Introductory Profile: About Brandon Kaung

Brandon Kaung was born in 1966 in Rangoon, Burma, which was in a time of turmoil then, so it is no wonder he went against the system. Rangoon was in poor condition due to the military rule. During the 1980s, he has been in and out of school, being given a poor education without any choice. After having to live in harsh conditions for years, he married my mother and moved to America to find better opportunities. He takes on the path of a sushi chef. I am the son of Brandon Kaung and I have an older brother.

The event I interviewed my dad about was a historical time period in Burma. It was one of the protests he participated in during Burma’s military rule. There weren’t any jokes cracked or any laughs shared. Serious and somber would be the best description of the mood of this interview. Allowing him to speak his language gave him more freedom in what he wanted to say. Attempting to speak in a second language or having someone else translate his words limits the potential of a pure interview.

Overall, I feel like I have learned a lot more about my dad’s history. Not knowing this much about someone I’ve seen my entire life is surprising. Even if I have known someone for a long time, there will probably still be a thing or two that will surprise me about them. Each person has their own unique history and we should all cherish our differences.