Dale Bordman Fink

As Interviewed by Kaleb Aziz, March 24, 2019
"By the way, my first salary - $87.50 per week for a 35 hour full time week. Seven hours a day, five days a week. $87.50 before taxes. Of course, there were taxes taken out of that. After 90 days, I knew that I would go up to 100 dollars a week, which was $5200 a year."
Dale Bordman Fink

Introductory Profile: About Dale Bordman Fink

I interviewed my step-grandfather who is like a grandfather to me about his time working with childcare workers. His full name is Dale Bordman Fink. He is 69, and currently teaches at Williams College. He is kind and caring, and currently lives in Williamstown and makes visits to Brewster in the summer.

After he went to college, he decided to work with children. When he worked with childcare, people like him were uncommon because normally men don’t work in his field and most workers have not gone to college. He found that people in his field were paid and treated unfairly, so he decided to form a sort-of-union. His sort-of union worked hard to make improvements to the quality of their jobs.