James Debth

As interview by Eunhyo Mah, March 22, 2019
"It changed everyone's life. You were thinking you were going one direction and all of a sudden you're doing something different."
James Debth

Introductory Profile: About James Debth

James Depth is a photographer and a professional trumpet player. He’s a really talkative and friendly person who lives in Austin now, but lived in Manhattan before. He was living just 600 feet away from the world trade center when it was hit by several hijacked planes in 2001. This event being 9/11. Mr. Debth talks about his experience of being right there when this historical event happened.

Neither he nor anyone he personally knew was injured in the event, so he can talk about it without being as emotional as others. He still has a really vivid memory of all the events of the day and this interview contains a really cool first hand description of what 9/11 was really like.