Brian O'Neil

As interviewed by Evan O'Neil, March 24, 2019
"It's one thing to see it on television but it is quite another thing to see it in person."
Brian O'Neil

Introductory Profile: About Brian O'Neil

During this podcast I will be interviewing Brian O'Neil on his interesting and unique perspective on the historical event known as 9/11. On September 11th multiple hijacked planes we driven into historical monuments as an act of terrorism. It was a horrible sight to see for anyone in general but it really put it into perspective for you when you have to live in new york 6 days after the attacks. What makes Brian's perspective so special is the fact that he can really focus on the rebuilding and change were as others only consider the attacks themselves.

On the day of 9/11 four planes were hijacked. Two of the planes hit the twin towers in New York. The third plan was aimed to hit the pentagon and the fourth plane was suspected to be after the white house but do to the intervention of people on the plane landed off track. This was a huge set back for the people and took years to rebuild. However in the rebuilding we grew stronger and knew that we could overcome this