Jaydon Putnam

As interviewed by Asha Rountree, March 12, 2019
""When I first came out, I lost all my friends, and kind of was shunned during seventh grade." "
Jaydon Putnam

Introductory Profile: About Jaydon Putnam

Jaydon Putnam is a 15 year old guy who grew up in Austin Texas. He is a freshman at McCallum high where he studies art, although he plans to major in science/ technology in college. Jaydon is pretty open and casual, and he has a friendly demeanor. I met Jayden through my parents and brother, who are good friends with Jaydon's family.
The interview covered the topic of transgender rights and experiences. Jaydon offers a unique perspective on this topic as he is only in ninth grade, and has transitioned recently. When he was in sixth grade, Jaydon started to get into social media, where he learned what it meant to be a transgender person. What he saw online matched the feelings he had felt as a kid about his identity. Later, in seventh grade, Jaydon made the transition to male.
In the interview, Jaydon talks about his experiences in the transgender community, at home, at school, and just in general. Although Jaydon seemed pretty comfortable talking, I didn’t really know him too well and some things he said surprised me and sometimes made me sad. This caused the tone of the interview to be a little tense in the beginning, but as we continued talking it became more relaxed and informal.