Zoe Jones

As interviewed by Tiffany Pham, March 6, 2019
"It hit me on a personal level that I could've known somebody who was immediately affected by 9/11."
Zoe Jones

Introductory Profile: About Zoe Jones

Zoe Jones was a former teacher at Kealing Middle School. I met her at the beginning of last year when she used to work as a sixth grade science teacher. But later that year, she was pregnant with her newborn son. With that in mind, she decided to take a different job that would give her an opportunity to spend more time taking care of her child.
On September 11, 2001, was when the terrorist group, Al Qaeda struck. They had hijacked four planes. The first plane was maneuvered into one of the Twin Towers and the second plane into the other. The third crashed into the pentagon and finally, the fourth in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, although it was believed it was originally aiming towards the U.S. Capital or White House.
Their attacks devastated this country and everyone living here. Ms. Jones was seventeen when she experienced the distraught and terror of 9/11. She explains how it affected and brought despair to her, her brother, and a very close friend as well as all of the people she loves.