Emily M. and Kaitlyn M.

As interviewed by Lindsey M., March 18, 2019
"...I was like, this is every little girl's dream, to be a princess and live in a castle..."
Emily M. and Kaitlyn M.

Introductory Profile: Emily and Kaitlyn Morales: In their own words

Emily Morales and Kaitlyn Morales are 17 year-old twins that went to Guatemala together on a mission trip to the Hogar Orphanage. There were many orphans since Guatemala is a very poor country. Many of the orphans had been abused, or had come from a family that was unable to support them. Emily, Kaitlyn, and the other people on their mission trip’s jobs were to help around the orphanage and to have fun with the kids. Though the kids had been mistreated in the past, they now live happy lives and the mission workers, including Emily and Kaitlyn are part of that happiness.
It has been two years since their trip and it has changes their point of view. They have began to notice things in young children that they had never noticed until they went to Guatemala and saw the happiness of the children there that were satisfied by the little they had. They have seen poverty and darkness but in the midst of it they helped bring hope and light to the Hogar orphanage. They have wanted to return every year since they went, but have not been able to. They love the children there and hope to go back soon.