Alka Tripathi

As Interviewed by Tarushi Tripathi, March 24th, 2019
"This feeling of betrayal was among every Indian heart."
Alka Tripathi

Introductory Profile: About Alka Tripathi

My interviewee, Alka Tripathi, is my mom who follows the religion of Hinduism. She was born in 1969 in Kanpur, India a predominantly Sikh country. She’s married to Alok Tripathi my father, who was also born in India. Both his parents and his wife’s parents were born in India as well. Alka Tripathi is currently a high school chemistry teacher in Austin, Texas.

Mrs.Tripathi was a teenager during the event that is considered one of the most important times in Indian history. The assassination of Indira Gandhi had led to the Sikh Riots. Tensions with Sikhs had risen, as the two Sikh bodyguards had shot the prime minister of India ( Indira Gandhi) in the chest during October 31st, 1984. The Sikhs previously had a record of terrorizing Indians, so tensions had broken out after this crime. In addition, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi many Sikhs had celebrated by lighting their houses, distributing sweets, which led tensions to break out.