Pallavi Shah

As interviewed by Arsh Shah, March 16, 2019
"I was lucky enough to get the Visa."
Pallavi Shah

Introductory Profile: About Pallavi Shah

Pallavi Lad moved to America in the late 90’s to finish her education and start a new life. She faced many problems about things we don’t consider could be a roadbump in a individual’s moving process. I interviewed her to ask her about the challenges she faced while moving to the United States. Before moving, she had a perfectly fine life India and very well could have had a perfectly good life back in India.

Being the first person in her family to move, it was a challenge coming halfway across the world to start a new life with her newly-wed husband. There was a large cultural gap that she had to overcome including the cuisine change and the language barrier. In that process, one of the most stressful and difficult parts was the immigration process.

Back then, many Asians were immigrating to the United States, but there were many who couldn’t. Even though immigration rights were getting better between Asia and the U.S., it was still much more difficult to get a Visa as a European than as an Asian. I talked to her about some of the difficult steps while immigrating to the U.S. and how she managed to stay positive throughout the process.