Craig Durr

As interviewed by Amelia Durr, March 23, 2019
"All the sudden all those sirens became very focused in my mind, I could hear them all. "
Craig Durr

Introductory Profile: About Craig Durr

I interviewed Craig Durr, my dad, who grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He now lives in Austin, Texas along with his wife, three daughters and younger son. Craig has always been an athletic type and did basketball throughout high school at Rummel high before he became a runner. His interest in running didn't start until he was 32 in 2000 after college at Tulane University getting his Bachelor of Science in Management.

Currently he is 51 years old (50 when the interview was taken) and is part of a local Austin running group called Gilbert's Gazelles. In his free time he does a lot of running and participates in many large marathons with friends and colleagues.

After many months of training he ran and finished the 2013 Boston Marathon and witnessed the incident of two bombs going off at the finish line. He along with his friends were not injured and made it back home safely, but the memory and importance of this event will stay with him forever.