Raj Chhajed

As Interviewed by Advika Sharma, March 24, 2019
"People would say, 'They are just girls, what would they do with an education?'"
Raj Chhajed

Introductory Profile: About Raj Chhajed

Raj Chhajed was born in Udaipur, an urban city in India. During this time, women were perceived as different beings and had much more restrictions than men in education, occupations, travel, and much more. Although over time these regulations were lightened up, for Raj, it only got worse when she married a man in the village.

During her childhood, Raj was raised around her five brothers, who, being male, were treated with more freedom. This influenced the way she lived and was treated then. But life in the village was much worse. Waking up early in the morning to do all the housework, keeping her face veiled and silent at all times, tending to the elders like a servant, and always wearing a sari came as a big shock to Raj. Joyful days became sorrow-filled and peaceful nights turned into those full of tears. The pressure of being a wife was too much.

In this interview, Raj talks about her experiences of being a woman at that time, and watching the change in women’s rights. She explains her actions of protest against the regulations put on females. Additionally she talks about her personal experiences and how this has shaped her life today. Join us in listening to an Indian woman’s views and experiences with women’s rights.