Young, pregnant and alone

As interviewed by Isabella Munoz, March 25, 2019
"" The only thing that was running in mind is that i have to tell my parents they're going to be dissapointed" - Leslie Weaver"
Young, pregnant and alone

Introductory Profile: About Leslie Ann Weaver

“ Hi, my name is Isabella Munoz and I will be conducting an intrerview about being unmarried and pregnant at a young age. My interviewe is my mother is Leslie Weaver.”
“ Hi my name is Leslie Weaver”
“ Alright let’s start the interview. How old were you when you and my dad concieved me”
“ 20 years old”
“ What year of college were you in when you concieved me?”
“ A junior in college”
“ When you found out you were pregnant what was going through your mind”
“ Um, I would say the biggest thing going through my mind was I have to tell my parents. They’re going to be dissapointed in me, and that just made me kinda anxoius”
“ As you were going through your pregnancy did you experirence any mental health problems?”
“ I wouldn’t say any mental health problems. I would say it was a normal amount of emotions that anybody would feel; being scared and anxoius those things.”
“ Were you embarresed walking around with a baby bump? Did you feel like you were being judged?”
“ I would say in certain situations when I was around like other married pregnant women that was probably when I felt judged, I’m not saying they judged me, but just my own insecurities”.
“ How do you think having a baby at a young age would affect you?”
“ Um just maybe altering my future plans and just having to rethink that”
“ Did you think it would be difficult to manage school and a baby?”
“ Yes, I did think it would be difficult, but I was able to do that”
“ Do you think you were treated unfair during and after your pregnancy?”
“ No, I don’t I think I was treated unfairly”
“ When you gave birth did you take some time off from school?”
“ Yes I took one semester off of school. A fall semester because you were born in November”
“ Was it hard to consentrate while doing your schoolwork post pregnancy?”
“ Um, yes I would say because sometimes I would have to wake up at 4 in the morning do my work stay up really late to do my work so I would just say I was really tired; handling a newborn and putting in the hours I needed for school made it hard to concentrate”
“ What obsticals did you face during the pregnancy and school?”
“ I think inniscosly my focus was on being pregnant and what am I going to do and my school suffered but when I accepted it things were fine”
“ What were some obsticals you faced post pregnancy?”
“ Just learning how to balance school, work, a baby”
“ Alright thank you for taking the time o have me interview you on this topic”
“ You’re very welcome”