Manuj Kapur

As Interviewed by Saachi Agrawal, March 15, 2019
"I think it has helped me realize what an impact we can make as human beings in the lives of people, and when you operate on someone, and they walk out the door of the room, being able to now see the things they couldn’t see, it really impacts their life."
Manuj Kapur

Introductory Profile: About Manuj Kapur

I interviewed Dr. Manuj Kapur, who is an opthamologist. His wife is a pediatrician and they have 2 kids. He is a well-known friend to my parents, we got in contact with them after they moved from Houston to Austin about 2 years back. He works at the VA Austin Outpatient Clinic. He works for veterans on a daily basis by providing consultation services and also performs surgeries.

I mainly talked about what the veterans at his office went through. He made some good points on what the veterans had gone through. He mentioned how they tended to have more mental problems due to the trauma of war. We also talked about how we should see people as they are, and not just a list of problems, or a patient.