Wanda Muehlbrad

As Interviewed by Maida Acker, March 18, 2019
"I think most rewarding is that we, maybe someway, gave them their first security."
Wanda Muehlbrad

Introductory Profile: About Wanda Muehlbrad

Wanda Muehlbrad is a lady who fostered children for 30 years. I know her because she used to work at the daycare I attended. Ms. Wanda has always been a very caring woman who genuinely wanted to help other people. She has fostered over 300 children in her lifetime. While she was fostering, she provided most of the children with the first safe home they’d had and a sense of security. Many of the children got attached and were sad to go, but she made sure they knew they were loved.

Wanda first got involved with fostering when a social worker at her church asked her and her husband if they would like to foster. They decided they would, and have had as many as 7 children staying with them at once. She has helped many of the children through difficult times, saying that routine is key to making sure the children feel secure. Wanda believes that most of the children ended up in caring homes, and still keeps in touch with many of them today, and even babysits some of their children. The children remember her for the love she provided and how she helped them.