Nilesh Sangani

As Interviewed by Vedant Sangani, March 24, 2019
"First time I started comparing how we had things done in US and how things have been done in India, it was radically different."
Nilesh Sangani

Introductory Profile: About Nilesh Sangani

Raised in India, Nilesh Sangani was my interviewee about Immigration. During the interview, we talked about the experience of him first coming to the United States. He also shared the cultural differences of India and the United States. He gave me insights about how he was treated and what were some difficulties and challenges he encountered. He talked about Green Cards and Visas, what they are, how long it takes to get one, and what are the processes of getting one. We also conversed about the conditions of the economy during the 2000’s.

Mr. Nilesh Sangani is a software engineer who works at one of the largest automobile company. He is very skilled and proficient in his area work. He came to the United States during the biggest tech boom the US has seen. The US was looking for many jobs from other countries with the expertise needed. He is passionate about his work and is very detail-oriented. He came under a H1B Work Visa in 1999 and applied for a Green Card in 2002. It took him about 10 years to get the Green Card due to wait times and yearly caps. Mr. Sangani is a very kind and respectful person. He is very calm and helpful to others.

The interview had a very comfortable atmosphere. My interviewee was very relaxed and was open to tell me about the experience and process of coming to the US. He shared with me some of the success as well as shortcomings during the process. The tone of the interview was very open and lighthearted. The interview was serious but not intense. It had a sense of direction. Overall, the interview was light and comfortable, but also eye opening in many different areas.

My interviewee has undergone many successes and hardships in this process. Currently, he lives a very successful life with his family. He is very passionate about his work and takes it very seriously. The biggest feedback he gave was to simplify the process for the people who are trying to come legally.