Pooja Sethi

As interviewed by Adi Pangal, March,14,2019
"When I went to go see her in the detention center, she was separated from her brother."
Pooja Sethi

Introductory Profile: About Pooja Sethi

Pooja Sethi is an immigration lawyer who has witnessed many immigrants who needed help. She lives in Austin,Texas and helps the community. She went to a college in Washington DC which gave her inspiration to make a law company. She has made a woman only law firm specifically for women with families. She has dealt with many cases, some of which have had made her sad . Some of her cases involve bringing children back together and helping students who were enrolled in a fake University in US. I came to know her when my mom asked her friends for help with who to interview and we found Pooja Sethi. Pooja is a very nice person who tries to help people in many ways.

I interviewed her about immigration topics, immigrations issues in the world today and what she does to help people. The tone of the interview is feeling of sadness for the immigrants who have to deal with all the trouble today. Some of those troubles are being separated from family, getting deported,and getting treated badly in detention centers.