James Crowley

As interviewed by Seth crowley, March 23, 2019
"All of the sudden the lanterns went out and the people on the boats started shooting at us."
James Crowley

Introductory Profile: About James Crowley

James Crowley enlisted into the U.S. Air Force right before the Vietnam War. He then proceeded to basic training where he learned how to march, shoot a gun, and many other survival skills, he got prepared for life in the Army. When he completed basic training he was sent down to to Mississippi to learn how speak Vietnamese in order to be a translator. However his training was cut short because he was needed in Vietnam as a communications expert.
His job during the war was to relay messages to the United States soldiers on the ground and in other bases. To do this he had to travel all over Vietnam and grew to love the country. After nine years and seven months he retired from the air force and was given three ribbons of honor. Now he is an engineer who designs airplanes for commercial and military use.