Ralph J. Yargo

As Interviewed by Finnegan Alexander, March 21, 2019
"A sapper came in and shot one of my roommates, there were four of us there, injured another... So yeah, it was intense, of course it was intense."
Ralph J. Yargo

Introductory Profile: About Ralph J. Yargo

Ralph J. Yargo was in his several-acre yard one day at the age of four, when he saw something amazing and ran inside to his grandfather. He asked what is was. “Sonny, that’s an airplane.” He wondered what this mysterious ‘airplane’ was, but never thought he would be boarding one in his life, let alone fly one. “There's been many many changes in these past 80 years,” he reflects.

I know Ralph because he is my great-uncle, and his story is pertinent because he fought in a terrible war in his early twenties, with only Connie, his wife, and a bright future to keep with him in his fight as a control officer and jet pilot. The intensity and insanity of it all was unbearable, and he struggled to stay alive and keep a steady head on his shoulders in the wake of this. What will he do when he has to leave his friends and family behind?