Roshan Strong

As interviewed by Chloe Rizk, March 18, 2019
"That was a really strange time to be in there it was strange to feel like you wanted to help the invaders because they were asking for bread and water."
Roshan Strong

Introductory Profile: About Roshan Strong

I interviewed Roshan Strong about how the Iraqi invasion in Kuwait affected her family. Roshan lived in Kuwait until she was about sixteen with her mom, dad, and younger brother. She and her family were on a vacation when Iraq invaded Kuwait so when her family found out about the invasion they couldn’t get back home to Kuwait. But after two months they were able to get back home. Roshan and her brother went to a boarding school in India so her family was able to get out of Kuwait and into Jordan then they flew to India.

In the part of the interview that i chose to use Roshan is talking about the time after her family had gotten back into Kuwait and were leaving for Jordan. She also talks about how she felt and the things she would see in Kuwait.