Vivek Nagaraj

As Interviewed by Jai Nagaraj, March 18, 2019
"I just felt fortunate that I didn’t have to be carrying bags of cement."
Vivek Nagaraj

Introductory Profile: About Vivek Nagaraj

Vivek Nagaraj is currently a Sales Director working in Austin (BCSE, MSEE, MBA). I came to know him the moment I was born as he is my father. He is a calm, gentle man who is very good with people and telling stories about his childhood. He grew up in India in the state of Karnataka until he was 22 years-old, and has also lived in the United States for 25 years. This gives him a good perspective on both countries.

In the interview, Vivek Nagaraj tells his experience of child labor as a kid and teen in the 1970s and ‘80s from a bystander’s perspective, viewing it daily in the streets. Child labor can be found in a variety of jobs, from construction to service to even car washing. He used a lot of public transportation as well as biking and walking frequently, giving him a lot of exposure to the subject. During the interview, Vivek kept a solemn, steady tone with many ideas and facts about the subject, including how to stay safe in a crowded city such as Bangalore. I enjoyed the interview and gained a lot from it.