Malrieta Clauson

As Interviewed by Miles Richardson, March 21, 2019
"I had to make coffee for the crew, and the crew would come in and say I was taking up their shore duty billets, meaning that I was taking up their shore duty time."
Malrieta Clauson

Introductory Profile: About Malrieta Clauson

Malrieta Clauson is my sixty-five year-old grandmother who lives in Houston. She served in the WAVES branch of the Navy from 1973 to 1977. She experienced a lack of women’s rights in the Navy and left after her four years were up.

While I interviewed Malrieta, she told me stories relating to the ongoing sexism and gender roles that took place within the Navy. She spoke about the chiefs disrespecting or disregarding her place as a woman within the Navy. The crew she worked with did not respect her work and treated her badly. She also experienced other dangers while in the Navy, including a tornado directly hitting a building that she was in. She said that it was mostly happy memories, but was always tainted with the cruelty she faced during her time there.