Diana Ventura

As Interviewed by Sofia Rios, March 17, 2019
"She does the job -- I feel protected, but I don't have to worry about what she will do."
Diana Ventura

Introductory Profile: About Diana Ventura

Diana Ventura is the Kealing art teacher I met by being placed in the elective. I knew that once I was in her class, it was gonna be a fun second semester. She is always trying to brighten the mood even if we are doing the most boring or stressful project. She is a teacher who really knows how to make a class go from average to great by saying a single joke that applies to most of us. She was really glad that I chose her for my interview. She is originally from New York, but that is all I know of her. She is a smaller woman and she thinks that's a reason her emotional support dog is an advantage in this modern world.

The podcast interview covers topics of emotional support dogs, mental health, and the reality of being a shorter woman in this time period. The tone that was created was very serious and had a major sense of reality in modern times. I am grateful for the opportunity to see how some people have to live in fear or be scared over everything that can make someone’s day turn horrendous and painful to live through. This gives attention to major issues including mental health and assault which can lead to many problems that normal people have no challenge with on a day to day business.