Judi Ferguson

As Interviewed by Ella G, March 9, 2019
"Now a days that’s all you see, you don’t even see dress uniforms anymore."
Judi Ferguson

Introductory Profile: About Judi Ferguson

Judi Ferguson went through school during a very gender relevant time. On many occasions she had to dress, act, and play based on gender roles and assumptions. Going through high school, my grandmother was not aloud to do many activities which we now do freely. Throughout her life she had to dress and act like a “women”, wearing dresses with many expectations of being a housewife and “settling down”.

My grandmother, Judi Ferguson talks about the rules in the workplace and education system. She will express her perception of these rules and expectations handed down by society. Mrs. Ferguson goes in depth and explains the importance of not sitting around doing what you are being told, to be your greatest self.