Linda Allison

As Interviewed by Porter Gregg, March 16, 2019
"The request had to go all the way to the district office for consideration. Because then, shop wasn’t viewed as an appropriate elective for girls. Her request was approved, and she was, as a result, the first girl in one of the largest school districts in Saint Louis, Missouri, to take a shop class. "
Linda Allison

Introductory Profile: About Linda Allison

Linda K. Allison is my my maternal grandmother. She was born in Springfield, Missouri, in 12/6/1955. She grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. She lived in Houston, Texas since 1977. She has worked with Chase Bank since 7/1/1985, and now is the Sales and Strategy project manager for the national Cash management division of Chase Business Banking. She is a part of the Rice Alumni Association, Greater Houston Partnership, Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Program, Society, and secretary of the Keystone HOA Board.

She talks about the ways that she experienced sexism in her life. She also covers her perception and understanding of how we’ve changed as a society recently with women’s rights. The interview is a representation of the way that even in the largest banking company in the United States still didn’t always treat women well. It also describes electives not being viewed as ones for girls in school.

The interview isn’t an emotional rollercoaster, but it still gets all the points across in a clear way. She told me after this interview that this was hard to do because it brought up bad things from the past. She said that it made her think of things she left in the past, and she honestly just likes to look on the bright side and think about the good things. And being stuck in the past is one of the main reasons that people don't realise that we've gotten much better about this is the last 50+ years.