Michael Stevens

As Interviewed by Baffour A, March 10, 2019
"Jazz is important to me because it allows each person and musician to express themselves as their authentic self."
Michael Stevens

Introductory Profile: About Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens is a professional musician in Austin. He is originally from San Antonio. He has lived in multiple places besides San Antonio including: Los Angeles, El Paso, Germany, and as a young adult in the Washington D.C/ Maryland/ Virginia area. He enjoyed growing up in all of these different places because it allowed him to see different things, meet different people, and still learn about himself and the world around him.

He studied music, specifically jazz, at Howard University. He belongs to a music community here in Austin. He’s played for different communities: from the jazz community, the rock-pop community to the funk-soul R&B communities in town. He currently plays at my church, Bannockburn Baptist Church, where he has played for many years. He’s also my mom’s friend and that’s how I got to know him.

In the interview we talked about his music and how he uses his music to help economically disadvantaged kids. We also talked about what he and the Jazz Workshop does to help them. The overall interview was quite interesting and it wasn’t bad or boring at all. He gave the interview a really strong vibe. He even brought his bass guitar which was actually taller and bigger than him, and he played it during parts of the interview. It was basically telling everyone that he is a chill man. This interview was great, but I think it might have been too long though.