Jane Regan

As Interviewed by Ronak Regan, April 19, 2019
"I'm a strong woman... I don't let anybody tell me what I can and can't do."
Jane Regan

Introductory Profile: About Jane Regan

I know Jane Regan because she is my grandmother. She grew up in New York, she lives in Sarasota, she’s 73 years-old, and she's been married for 48 years. She has two children, five grandchildren and she has a big interesting family. She is an ambitious woman who doesn't let anything hold her back. She is a caring person and really likes researching her family and collecting old family antiques. She has blond hair and brown eyes.

In this interview I talked to her about her experiences. She went to engineering school even though that was a very uncommon degree for women to get at the time. For a little while she talks about her mom and her aunt and how they also didn’t let anything hold them back. Towards the end she talks about her experiences in college. She goes to college twice, once for becoming a teacher, once for becoming an engineer. She talks about her experiences in college and how she was one of the few girls that was in her engineering classes. She is very ambitious and doesn’t let the society norms stop her from following her dreams.