Caprice Pierucci

As interviewed by Bella B., March 10, 2019
"I always think of art as being something that is between your hands, your mind, and your heart, like writing a journal: Hands... Mind... Heart.... There's a connection. When you're using hands, it's easier to be in touch."
Caprice Pierucci

Introductory Profile: About Caprice Pierucci

Caprice Pierucci is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art & Design at Texas State University. My mother is an fine artist who also works with Caprice. Caprice and my mother are colleagues. My mother introduced me to Caprice at Texas State University. Caprice teaches a 3D design and soft sculpture class. She is a dedicated and devoted teacher. Recently, Caprice accepted Committee Chair responsibilities for a student exhibition called “You Are Not Alone.”

In our interview, Caprice and I discussed the motivation of the exhibition led by one of her students, Annette E. Annette created an art piece to express sexual assault as one of her projects in Caprice’s class. Caprice explained her journey with Annette, a rape victim, as her piece and expression expanded from the initial school project into the student exhibition. She discussed the message of the piece and how the expression helped other sexual abuse victims “be heard.” Beyond thoughts and spoken words, art invokes feelings. More importantly, an expression of feelings is part of the healing process.