Angelos Panagopoulos

As Interviewed by Will Basham, March 9, 2019
"Most immigrants expect to succeed, but to do that, they have to work harder, they have to work longer, and they have to work smarter, and if they do that, they do succeed. If they don't do that, they don't succeed."
Angelos Panagopoulos

Introductory Profile: About Angelos Panagopoulos

Angelos Panagopoulos is my grandfather. He was born in Greece and lived there from the early 1940’s to the early 1960s. In 1963, he moved to Texas so he could go to the University of Texas at Austin and play with their stellar basketball program. He was on the Junior National basketball team in Greece and wanted to continue playing when he moved to Austin. Angelos was determined to get a fair chance in America without being a Native American. After college, he started a small business which exports medical supplies across the globe, a company he still works on today.

Angelos was interviewed about his experience as an immigrant coming to Texas in the 1960’s. In this interview, he describes in detail how an immigrant can succeed, the challenges faced, but also the advantage of determination and how immigrants have a better chance to succeed than native-born Americans. Angelos offers insight on the difference between immigrants and African-Americans in a thoughtful and respective tone. One of Angelos’ interesting views (that isn’t mentioned in the interview) is how immigrants aren’t the ones who complain about the unjust bias coming their way. Their children and grandchildren complain, but never the actual immigrant, he says. Immigrants had a choice, so they shouldn’t complain.