Gunay Sepehri

As Interviewed by Lanie Sepehri, March 11, 2019
"I think if you are going to live in United States, and if you get citizenship, it’s better."
Gunay Sepehri

Introductory Profile: About Gunay Sepehri

I chose to interview Gunay Sepehri, my grandmother. Gunay was born in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean. She grew up as a Turkish Cypriot during a time of political unrest between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, who both inhabited (and still do) the island. My grandmother left Cyprus in the early 1960s, living in Istanbul and London. Finally, she immigrated to the United States in 1971.

During the interview, my grandmother discussed coming to America and what it was like to adjust to the country. She described how the process of gaining U.S. citizenship was relatively easy for her as she had been under British rule in Cyprus at one time, and things in America were very similar to in Britain. The overall tone of the interview was very casual. I simply went to her home one day after school and sat on her couch with her-- it seemed more like a conversation than an interview. Afterward, she provided me with additional information by showing me a photo album from that included images from Cyprus and from the 1970s, when she came to America.