Mike and Pat Holy

As Interviewed by Michael A., April 28, 2019
"We were told by television to pack a bag and have it by the front door, ready to leave at a moment's notice if the sirens went off."
Mike and Pat Holy

Introductory Profile: About Mike and Pat Holy

Mike and Pat Holy are my maternal grandparents. I have known them since I was born, and we are very close. They were married in 1962, and had THREE children before having my mom in 1977. Pat has red hair and is kind of short, and Mike has brown hair, wears a hearing aid, and is average height.

In my interview, I asked them about the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The overall feeling of the interview is a scared or relieved tone. They were scared back then about what was happening, but they are relieved because it got better.

Many people don’t really comprehend how people felt back then, but I think my interview can shed some light on people’s feelings during that time period.