Marjorie Heaton

As Interviewed by Che Brown, March 16, 2019
"We always held our breaths when each legislature convened because we wondered if there was a bill that would call for the closure of the center."
Marjorie Heaton

Introductory Profile: About Marjorie Heaton

My interviewee’s name is Marjorie Heaton. I met Marjorie when I was 3, when she was my babysitter. Ms. Marjorie, as we came to know her, stopped babysitting us when we moved down south, and she now is in independent living. She has been doing volunteer work for the Austin State Supported Living Center her whole life. Marjorie is 89 years-old.

During our interview session, we covered topics such as the continual bills that push for the Austin SSLC to be sold, the fight against the legislation, and what has improved for the residents of the Austin State Supported Living Center. The overall tone of the interview is righteous, and we explore why the residents of the Austin SSLC should get to keep their home.