Brenda Fine

As interviewed by Kadin Fine, March 21, 2019
"It wasn’t natural then even for the women the inequality of gender not just women. Because of course there are male nurses. Back when I was that age women were supposed to be nurses, so it's equality for both men and women. "
Brenda Fine

Introductory Profile: About Brenda Fine

The way I knew my interviewee is because she’s my grandmother. The reason I decided to interview her on women's rights is because she always talks about the law and getting involved in it. And also she is very active and makes big deals about certain topics, I'm sure women's rights was one.

My grandma is also very uptight, stubborn, and demanding, wanting things done right then and there. I’m curious of how an attitude like that got her to win in court and how she behaved.

I covered women's rights with my grandma. The podcast bit is filled with how the college life was when the women's rights march was going on. The parts off screen is how she viewed it and how and why she was in court. In the interview she explains how she regrets certain decisions like being a teacher. She wanted a different job but it's usually tended for men to do, but she saw men taking leaps like becoming teachers which was considered a women's job.

The first time she noticed discrimination was in the first grade because the teacher favored the boys.