Jing-Feng Lee

As Interviewed by Judy Shan, February 28, 2011
"…Though the Japanese have left, I still have many wonderful memories from that time [the time period under Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan], and I will never forget them."
Jing-Feng Lee

Introductory Profile: About Jing-Feng Lee

My interviewee is my grandmother, Jing-Feng Lee. She will share her experiences and thoughts regarding the time of Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan during the years 1930-1945. Jing-Feng Lee came from a wealthy, well-off family. Because of this, the Japanese officials treated Jing-Feng Lee and her family very well. Not only that, but they were also friends with Jing-Feng Lee’s family. Though her (Jing-Feng Lee) family was living on good terms with the Japanese, there were still poorer, less fortunate people who greatly opposed Japanese rule over Taiwan. During the interview, Jing-Feng Lee will discuss and share her experiences with the Japanese from a very interesting angle--the angle from which the wealthy inhabitants of Taiwan approved of the rule of the Japanese over Taiwan.

Jing-Feng Lee is a kind-looking woman. She is 82 years old! Jing-Feng Lee has snowy white hair that is soft and cut in a short bob. She has countless laugh lines covering her face, evidence that she is a loving, happy woman who has smiled a lot in the past years. Jing-Feng Lee is a very generous woman, especially to her family and relatives. She lives to make people smile with pleasure and happiness. She cares a lot for the people around her, and desires to make the most out of her life, bringing glee to all who are near her. Yet another quality of her character is her efficiency. She never wastes time, and uses every minute of her life to do productive things.

Her parents’ names are Li Ling and Jiang He. She has 3 siblings--2 brothers and 1 sister. She married my grandfather, whose name is Shan Chi. She had four kids--three daughters and one son--, including my dad, Sheng-Ming, who was the youngest of them all. Jing-Feng Lee also has a multitude of grandchildren, including me!

The overall feeling, or tone, of the interview was very cheerful. The interviewee, Jing-Feng Lee, greatly approved and enjoyed the time when the Japanese were ruling over Taiwan. She was also thrilled that I had chosen her for my interview, and was very excited to share her thoughts and feelings about the subject with me. Jing-Feng Lee and I enjoyed every minute of our lively discussion, and exchanged many interesting, insightful remarks. Though I could not see my interviewee, I could tell by her tone of voice and the pleasure that lined it that she was intent on sharing everything that she could remember with me.

Though I was not fully expecting the great approval of the Japanese rule over Taiwan, I was greatly intrigued by her story. What made her story especially unique was the fact that she and her family had actually liked the Japanese going over to Taiwan and just taking over their way of life. I was delightfully surprised, and found myself wanting to hear more about her life even after the interview had ended. Her stories were full of happiness and the positive impact that the Japanese had on her country. I fully appreciated the optimistic take that she had to give on the subject, though it was not anticipated at all. All in all, my interviewee was very cooperative and interested me with her stories. The interview, overall, was intelligent and fascinating. As for now, I am looking forwards to the possible future conversations that I may have with her on the subject.