Marie Irene Chandler

As Interviewed by Noah Loy, March 15, 2019
"He would take me out to the woods and he would let me drive the tractor, which girls were not allowed to drive vehicles."
Marie Irene Chandler

Introductory Profile: About Marie Chandler

Marie Irene Chandler is my maternal grandmother. She was born and raised in a small county in Ohio. She moved to San Antonio later on in her life. She still works and is very energetic despite her age. She visits my house every Friday so we are very well acquainted.

This podcast is focused on her experience with sexism, especially during her childhood. Though the tone is a bit light, the content is very serious. It explains that sexism was not just a problem in society but also in certain individuals and families. I enjoyed creating this podcast and getting to learn more about my grandmother.