Lisa Moore

As Interviewed by Sullivan B., March 16, 2019
"I felt like it would have a real chilling effect on debate in the classroom if students had to worry that somebody was armed. So along with several of my colleagues, I founded an organization called Gun Free UT, and we have done a lot of different things to try to oppose that law."
Lisa Moore

Introductory Profile: About Lisa Moore

I interviewed Lisa Moore, my friend Milo’s mom, on March 16, 2019, about her efforts resisting a socially unjust law concerning Texas Universities. When the law allowing the concealed carrying of guns on Texas University campuses passed, Lisa, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, was quick to reaction opposition to this new change. She was born and raised on a Canadian farm, and attended Queen’s University. In addition to being a language arts teacher at UT, she is an LGBTQ studies subject and the author of a few award-winning books and works of poetry. She lives in Austin with her wife Madge and two kids, Max and Milo.

Lisa Moore and a few of her fellow professors at UT founded the organization Gun Free UT which protests the new law. She has taken part in many rallies and events following the law, and been a part of other associations. After inspiration from friends, family, and the media, she and two other professor filed a lawsuit against the new changes. They back it up with reasoning that it violates a handful of the amendments, but *spoiler alert* they lost in Austin, and again later on at Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans.

This podcast will go over background info and facts, and lead into Lisa’s feelings and memories of the interesting stories behind the law and protest that followed, as well as where taking action against the law has taken her and the future of UT. Stay tuned for the interview with Lisa Moore to find out more!