Erika Nowlin

As Interviewed by Daniel Larson, March 21, 2019
"Once you're in there, you realize that we're all humans and we're all out there to do good for each other and help each other."
Erika Nowlin

Introductory Profile: About Erika Nowlin

My interviewee’s name is Erika Nowlin. I came to know Mrs. Nowlin through my parents, who were good friends of hers. Our family had also gone to several parties at their house before, so we knew them from that as well. Mrs. Nowlin runs a local community service group called the Austin Allies, which has grown so much over the past few years that it is now receiving a 501(c)(3) designation. She has blond hair, brown eyes, and a cheerful, helpful, smile.

We covered topics in the interview such as how her business was started, why it’s important to help people in need, and advice for young people who want to get involved in community service locally. She told her experience of helping a refugee family who was moving to Austin. She and her daughter went to the family’s apartment and helped clean everything up to “give them a step up.” The tone of the interview was a very quiet and easy thing to do, with little to no distractions in the house around us and a very quiet space to record.

In conclusion, I felt like the interview went very well and I was able to get good content out of it, not just treading water and coming back to the same subject over and over again. I would like to thank Mrs. Nowlin for the making herself available to interview!