Ron Dorsey

As Interviewed by Samya Chauhan, March 10, 2019
"I was pro-war until I saw how it was conducted. Then I saw that it was not pro-soldier."
Ron Dorsey

Introductory Profile: About Ron Dorsey

Ron Dorsey is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in the Vietnam War from 1968-1969. Ron Dorsey is married to Michelle Dorsey, one of my elementary school teachers. He comes from a family of veterans. His father and brothers are all veterans. Mr. Dorsey grew up in Texas and was enrolled in U.T at the time he enlisted into the Marines. He decided to join the war simply to help and serve his country. With his extensive athletic background, he graduated top of his training class. To him the physical training wasn’t difficult, it was the mental training that made sure you had a good mindset that challenged him. After he returned from his time in Vietnam, Mr. Dorsey quit his current college major and pursue a fine art instead.

In my interview with Mr. Dorsey, he talks about his time in the war. He also talks about his opinions on the impacts of the war on him and the country as a whole. He talks about friends he made during the war and how they helped him keep going and his priorities in Vietnam. Additionally, he talks about his thoughts on how the war was conducted. This interview shows how far Mr. Dorsey’s love for his country goes. He has a semi-mellow tone when talking about his past experiences in the war. Overall, Mr. Dorsey has a great personality and his experiences can teach us all something.