William Fischer

As Interviewed by Natalie Fischer, April 29, 2019
"What we do, is trying to make a case that these programs really are important and really do help people a lot, because there’s lots of research showing that there’s just lots of people who need help. There’s just millions and millions of people who are, some of them are actually homeless, living in the streets."
William Fischer

Introductory Profile: About William Fischer

I interviewed William Fischer who is my Dad. He works as a policy analyst for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. This means that he works on policies to help low income families. In my interview I talked to him about who he helps and how does that with his job. We also talked about his volunteering in college where he helped a kid named Brandon who was from a family in poverty. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before about what his job is and what inspired him to get into this job.

I didn’t know a lot about his job, because if you are told as a kid that your dad is a policy analyst you think of boring paperwork and not someone who helps families and people. I learned in this interview how much the world needs to be changed and what my dad is doing to change it.