Monica C.

Adele B., March 25, 2019
"In hindsight... that kind of sticks in my mind is how discrimination is universal."
Monica C.

Introductory Profile: About Monica C.

Monica Kyung-Won Choi is my mom. She was born in Seoul, Korea and at the age of 7 moved to Asunción, Paraguay with her parents and family. Then, when she was 14, her family moved yet again to Oklahoma in the United States. My mom has shoulder length dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes.

During the interview, my mom and I discussed many different factors to racial and social justice as well as the changes in those aspects between the three countries she had lived in with her family. I will say, the interview had some more serious parts and also had a few light-hearted moments too. But, during the segment shared in the podcast, my mom was reflecting back on her whole experience with some final thoughts. I learned a lot from this whole experience and enjoyed learning about my mom’s childhood.