Anish Vergis

As Interviewed by Nitya V., March 14, 2019
"I was never used to a country that would treat different citizens of different countries in a varied way..."
Anish Vergis

Introductory Profile: About Anish Vergis

Anish Vergis was born and raised in Kerala, India. After attending school in India, he moved to a college in Canada. From there he took a job in Saudi Arabia for approximately eight months. After that, he came to the U.S., where he started a family with his wife and two children. I know Anish as my loving, caring father who always finds a way to make me laugh.

During Anish’s time in Saudi Arabia, he saw and witnessed many things he was not used to. We discussed the discrimination he experienced based on his ethnicity. We spoke about the affect these things had on his life, both positive and negative.The things he saw changed his perspective on life. He began to have more respect for the freedom he has been given.

The interview took place in our house, throughout the interview, Anish spoke in a pretty straightforward tone, as if he was talking to an adult rather than a 13 year-old. Interviewing Mr. Vergis and hearing his perspective was very intriguing. Listening to his interview gave me a new perspective on what is going on around us, and how lucky we are to have the freedom we have.