Ting Liu

Alex Zhou, March 24, 2019
""Over the years there has been so much hatred.""
Ting Liu

Introductory Profile: About Ting Liu

Ting Liu is a professor at the University of Texas and deals with the hardships of sexism and racism there.
She also dealt with it during her college years when she first came to America.

I know the interviewee because she is my birth mom so I've known her my whole life.
She grew up in North China and moved to America in 1995. When she was in her twenties. She has resided in the US for the past 20 odd years.

Dr. Liu is very kind and loving. She always strives to be the best she can be.
Mostly during the interview we talked sexism and racism in the US. Sometimes about how to resolve it or maybe did it happen in China.

The tone was not attacking but more mellow. Most of the time she just opened up by herself. Which made the job a lot easier for me.

I think that the overall feel of the interview and the way the podcast turned out was pretty good.