Memi Cardenas

As Interviewed by Mahrukh K., March 25, 2019
"What my previous generations had done to the Earth was horrible and I wanted to leave it better than the way I found it."
Memi Cardenas

Introductory Profile: About Memi Cardenas

I interviewed Memi Cardenas, who works at the Austin Resource Recovery. I researched environmental organizations in Austin and came up with Austin Resource Recovery so I looked at their website. I looked at the people on the media line and found Memi, so I emailed her and we set up a time and date to conduct the interview.

In college, Memi majored in both media and environmental resources at the University of Texas at Austin. She moved here for college and ended up staying in Austin with her husband and three children, who inspire her to make the world better for future generations. Her dad is an environmentalist working with the government. He introduced her to the idea of preserving and taking care of our environment. Her former director, Bob Gedert, also supported her in her work career by educating her about landfills and the environment and showing her better ways to conserve.

The interview was done on the phone. The overall tone was very relaxed, and even though the duration was only twenty minutes I got plenty of material to include in my podcast. Memi talked about her history related to the Earth, and some people who helped her along the way. She told me that even as a child, she remembers seeing tar-covered animals on littered beaches along the coast. Memi has always wanted to impact environmental change in the world while working with the public, and this job was the meeting of her passions and therefore enabled her to do just that.