Zelalem Negash

As Interviewed by Nuhamin Dagmay, March 21, 2019
"I understood that we were not able to do this, but I hoped one day I could be able to buy as many jellos as I wanted."
Zelalem Negash

Introductory Profile: About Zelalem Negash

Zelalem Negash and his family are very close friends of my family.We have know them for a very long time. He was born in Ethiopia and he also studied there.He studied a lot about economy in countries and in Ethiopia.He was especially interested in Tourism and he learned that most of Ethiopia’s income came from that and farming. He lives here in Austin and has a family.

The interview was very informational and somewhat emotional. We talked a lot about the troubles that Ethiopia had been facing in the past and how it was trying to overcome them.he also mentioned how the government affected the economy of Ethiopia in some ways.

In the interview I learned a lot about Ethiopian economy and many things I had not know before. I had a good time interviewing Zelalem and learned a lot about Ethiopia.