Sonia Ell

As Interviewed by Josh Geeslin, March 23 and April 1, 2011
"I have always felt that I need to keep my religion, my belief, and to be proud of my ethnicity and who I am."
Sonia Ell

Introductory Profile: About Sonia Ell

Sonia Ell is an Armenian Lebanese-American. Much of her family was killed in the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide was the mass exodus and killing of Armenians because they were Christian. It was executed by the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, from 1915 to 1918. This was during World War I.

Sonia is a very kind and humorous person. She knows a lot about the Armenian Genocide, as well as her family’s experiences. During the genocide, her father was exiled from Armenia. He then traveled to Lebanon, where he was raised in an orphanage. Years later, Sonia was born in Lebanon. During the civil war in Lebanon, she came to America. She married Travis Ell.

During the interview, the mood was surprisingly cheerful. We both knew and understood that this was a serious subject, but Sonia was kind, always smiled, and told a few jokes. It was like this for most of the interview. There were, however, the very serious parts. This is, of course, expected when you interview someone about a genocide in which their family was killed. I thought it was going to be very solemn and serious the whole time, but Sonia did her best to keep it from that, and she succeeded.