Olive Gilbert

As Interviewed by Graham Gilbert, March 10, 2019
"He stayed with them his whole life because they hire him when he needed to be hired."
Olive Gilbert

Introductory Profile: About Olive Gilbert

Olive Gilbert is a kind and woman. She is 89 years-old and lives in Austin. My family and I visit her frequently, and on one of those occasions, she and I sat down and I interviewed her about the Great Depression. She is hilarious to be around, and even better to have as a grandmother.

The Great Depression took many by surprise, and her family was one of the millions affected by it, putting her father out of work and leaving her mother to take care of her and other victims. It was a rough time to live through, and she was lucky to survive it.

In this interview, she describes the struggle she was faced with as her family lost their hope, an interesting strategy used to help other victims, and a valuable token of advice for generations to come.