McKenna Carr

As Interviewed by Neha Gundubogula, March 21, 2019
"It’s not so much about doing the thing that everybody thinks and cheers you on for, but doing the thing you know is right."
McKenna Carr

Introductory Profile: About McKenna Carr

McKenna Jane Carr is my former dance teacher from when I was a part of Pivot Dance Company, a specialized dance group of faith-based dancers that some of the 2dance2dream girls were a part of, as well.

2dance2dream, is a non-profit organization that provides dance in the arts for individuals with special needs. I met McKenna from the experience on the Pivot and witnessed all of the incredible impacts she had made on so many people’s lives, including the 2dance2dream girls. McKenna was once a little girl with a dream to change people’s lives, and with siblings that had special needs, her passion for helping people never faded. She grew up and decided she wanted to be a part of the grant her mother, Julie Lyles Carr, received for a non-profit organization. Her dedication was clearly shone throughout the experiences she delivered for individuals who aren’t always given the opportunity to dance. She takes time out of her day to make someone feel good, loved, talented, because she believes everyone deserves to receive opportunities and be accepted for who they are. Her job revolves around a constant circle of unconditional love that she radiates and lights up the room with.

I am still in touch with McKenna and consider her one of my very good friends because of how much I’ve really learned from her. On how to be a good leader and just a good person in general. McKenna attains these qualities that empower others to be as remarkable as her. She gives back to the community before even thinking about herself, and that is something I really admire about her. She has taught me many lessons, and has even given me opportunities to teach and choreograph for Pivot and 2dance2dream. I couldn’t thank her enough for inspiring me to be a leader and hero for others.

During my interview with Mckenna, we covered many topics, but I feel main ones are, doing what’s right regardless of what others think and how other people's perceptions of 2dance2dream and contrasts with the powerful message the program implements. These two concepts outline Mckenna’s personal experiences with the program and sums up what she learned from those experiences. To elaborate, first, McKenna has been put in positions where people truly don’t realize how much 2dance2dream changes people’s lives -- which causes people to develop a lack of understanding in the “why” of the program. McKenna believes that regardless, you should keep doing what you’re doing if it feels right, and you know you’re making and impact, because that’s all that truly matters. She then elaborates on how much she cares for and loves the girls, in which motivates her to make sure they are getting 100% what they need and are being loved and accepted. This is because she knows that they have been hurt and have been excluded in their lives for their abilities.