Jean Bryan

As Interviewed by Malvika Pradhan, March 19, 2019
"I was used to reading in my history books about America, who always won wars, like World War II, and so to realize that we had actually lost and lost so many lives, it was very humbling."
Jean Bryan

Introductory Profile: About Jean Bryan

My interviewee’s name is Jean Bryan. I had known her previously because she is my friend’s grandma. She recently moved to Austin from Philadelphia. She grew up in Houston and got married there as well. She has two kids, Nicole and Bobby Bryan. After her children graduated, she moved out of Houston to several places in the Northeast. She is a very caring person and treats everyone as if they were family.

In the interview, we covered topics like the Vietnam War and its memorial. We also talked about Nixon’s and Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, and America during the war. Our interview was, in total,about thirty minutes long. Mrs. Bryan had also looked at the questions beforehand and had thought about some answers. Overall, I really enjoyed this interview and I learned a lot from her experiences.