Rajesh K. Singh

As Interviewed by Krish Singh, March 19, 2019
"When I compare the last fifteen years and prior to that, there have been several government programs."
Rajesh K. Singh

Introductory Profile: About Rajesh K. Singh

My father, Rajesh, lived in a rural area of a town in Manipur, India named Bishnupur. He was born and raised there, and as a child he had to deal with and witness some of the drawbacks of living in a rural area. Rajesh has light brown skin and pure black eyes that match his hair. He is laid-back and enjoys life to its fullest.

The topics we covered included the basics of poverty in India, how we got there and what the next steps are, big names, figures, and projects, life in poverty, and how the Indian government handles it. The interview was casual with a crescendo in meaning as each question went by. Although the interview was calm, the topic was serious.

The interview taught me that the world is not a fair place with Utopian aspects. Many people back then did not have the fair advantage of who they wanted to be simply because of the conditions they had to live in. I hope one day I, or someone else, can change that.